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Communications Compliance was established under the Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code C628:2012 (now C628:2015) as an independent body responsible for overseeing the conduct of the Code Compliance Framework outlined in the Code. Communications Compliance will also promote compliance with the TCP Code through industry guidance.


Communications Compliance is governed by a 4 member Board:

  •  Independent Chair – TBC
  • Visu Thangavelu – Executive Director
    Mr Thangavelu held a wide range of responsibilities as a Project Manager at Communications Alliance, including Local and Mobile Number Portability, overseeing the development and subsequent revisions of the Mobile Premium Services Code, the development of an NBN Transfer process and the NBN Migration Management Guideline. Prior to that he held roles in network support and provisioning at Commander Communications.
  • Michael Lee – Industry Director
    Mr Lee is the Chair of Communications Alliance. He is a former Federal Minister for Communications and a member of the City of Sydney Council. He is also the President of the New South Wales branch of the Australian Labor Party. 
  • Victoria Rubensohn AM – Consumer Director
    Ms Rubensohn AM is the principal of Omni Media, a communication consultancy. She is also a director of Media Access Australia, the Communications Law Centre, a member of the Standing Advisory Committee on Consumer Affairs for the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN), and a member of the Mobile Premium Services Review Panel.

Advisory Committee

Day-to-day operations are coordinated by the Advisory Committee:

  • Visu Thangavelu – Chair
    Mr Thangavelu is the Executive Director of Communications Compliance and a member of the Board.
  • Cheryl Langdon-Orr – Consumer Representative
    Ms Langdon-Orr has a rich background in consumer advocacy for telecommunications and internet related issues. She is a Director of the Australian Chapter of ISOC.
  • Chris Dodds – Consumer Representative
    Mr. Dodds is a Senior Policy Officer at the Electricity and Water Ombudsman and represents consumer interests on the TIO Council and Telstra’s Low Income Assessment Committee.
  • Michael Elsegood – Industry Representative
    Mr. Elsegood was a senior manager for compliance and self-regulation at Optus for a number of years, having also sat on the TIO Board as an industry representative.
  • Lawrie Clarke– Industry Representative
    Mr. Clarke has held a range of positions in regulatory areas within Telstra and now runs his own consultancy business.

Communications Compliance does not enforce compliance with the Code, i.e. it does not issue fines or initiate legal action for non-compliance. Enforcement of the Code rests with the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA).

Communications Compliance does not accept complaints from consumers and does not engage in dispute resolution. This is the role of the TIO who provides free-of-charge dispute resolution services to residential and small business consumers.

Communications Compliance operates not-for-profit, does not receive government funding and is financed through fees paid by CSPs for the services Communications Compliance renders and for its operations.